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Winter Wonders

There's a certain magic about Winter-
Perhaps it's the snow everywhere.
Could it be the chuckle of children
Enjoying the crisp, chilly air?

The stately pines offer a scent of mint
As sleds tumble down the valley.
Snowdrifts pile high, roads are blocked.
Yet kind folks with their shovels rally.

We mustn't forget the sparrows need a nest-
Seems each home has a birdhouse or two.
Warm chicken soup, a kettle of tea.
And a cozy fire help men muddle through.

Wonders of Winter BirdDuring Winter months remain an optimist-
Watch as good times appear on the scene;
Snow balls will roll, snowflakes will fall.
The earth unfolds like an artist's dream.

Wonders of Winter BirdLook for the wonder in Winter
And reach out, don't you shy away.
Discover the harvest that Winter bestows-
Not barren branches, but a "snow-bountiful" day.

Winter Wonders story, by Linda Grazulis.

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