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Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes from Think Crafts

Every wind chime is lovingly created
with pure harmony and infinite tone,
sharing it's beauty with no other one
with a melody all of it's own.

The beautiful sound of rustling chimes
swaying in the evening breeze,
creates a tranquil atmosphere
and a melody that is sure to please.

Bathed in the glow of a harvest moon,
the reflection like a shimmering sea;
calling out with a haunting refrain,
singing softly a song just for me.

Beautiful chimes, perfectly arranged,
one by one in harmonious array;
singing their song, evoking a spell
of enchantment as they gently sway.

Awakening memories of days gone by
when dreams were fresh and alive.
The chimes convey a sense of belonging,
like honey bees drawn to the hive.

I love to listen to the stirring sounds,
the renditions of nature's sweet song.
The beautiful music, created with love
will forever, to the wind chimes, belong.

By Gerald R Hill

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