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The Whipperwill's Song

In the summer's evening, after the sun goes down,
We gather on the front porch and listen for night's sounds.

The bright moon shadows objects on the meadow and the fields.
The fireflies start to light the night as day to darkness yields.

Sometimes we tell old stories as we sit back on our chairs.
But mostly we just sit there, still, and enjoy the cool night air.

As the day fades into darkness and stars start shining bright,
We listen for our favorite sound that comes round every night.

The song of the little whippoorwill comes wafting through the breeze
And then we know that all is right and we can feel at ease.

The song of the lonely whippoorwill seems sad in some small way
And yet, its song brings peace to us as we end our day.

Good night, sweet bird, until again we listen for your call
While sitting on our porch at home as night begins to fall.

The Whipperwill in a tree.

The Whipperwill's Song, Copyright Sharon P Pinnick
July 26, 2008.

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