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Teddy Bears are Fuzzy Folks Poem

Teddy Bears are fuzzy folk:
They’re comforting to touch.
On days that you are feeling down,
they’re there for you to clutch.
If you should ever need a hug,
or feel you’d like to cry,
Then grab a cuddly Teddy Bear—
there's always one close by.

Your Teddy Bear is your best friend.
He loves you as you are.
He’ll never tell you what to wear,
(or how to drive a car).
On days you think your clothes are tight,
and you are feeling fat,
Just tell it to your Teddy Bear:
sit down and have a chat.

Teddy Bears are loyal folk.
They’ll never criticize.
They will not tell you how to eat:
they’re VERY, VERY wise.
Your Teddy won’t condemn you;
he doesn’t mind your shape;
And he will never run from you,
or from your woes escape.

Shyanna and Twinkles the teddy bear Destiny and Ripley the Teddy Bear
Teddy Bears are courteous folk.
They will not interrupt.
They’ll never say, “I told you so!”
or cut you off, abrupt.
Your Teddy Bear will not get mad
if you embrace a friend,
Or if you stay out late one night,
or the budget overspend.

Teddy Bears aren’t greedy folk;
they’d never steal a treat.
And they will never cheat at games--
or EVER, EVER beat.
Teddy Bears are silent folk;
they listen very well;
And they will never breathe a word
of secrets you may tell.

Teddy Bears are faithful folk--
they never turn on you.
‘Though you may toss them to and fro’
they’ll always stay true-blue.
So if you’re feeling all alone,
like you haven’t got a friend,
Then get yourself a TEDDY BEAR.
He’ll stay with you to the end.

Teddy Bears are Fuzzy Folks,
written by, © Helen Dowd.

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