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Reach For The Stars

Many there are, who have reached for the stars

in pursuing their ultimate dream.

Then faltered and fell, unable to rise,

when the challenge proved more than it seemed.

You can not be strong and certain in life

if you don’t slip and fall now and then.

What good does it do if you stumble and fall

if you won’t rise and try once again.

Reaching for the Stars

The sky is the limit, to dream is okay,

and the future is as big as the sky.

How can you know what your future might bring.

if you’re not even willing to try.

Reaching for the Stars

The greatest of all have made some mistakes,

but the secret to winning is this.

To be willing to rise and try once again,

and next time your mark you won’t miss….

Reach for the Stars, written by Gerald R. Hill.

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