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Beautiful Precious Rain Drops Story

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Beautiful, precious rain drops,
Upon the window pane,
Comes a feeling of joy and gratitude,
To hear falling drops of rain.

The birds have stopped their singing,
And the grass turns green again,
The leaves upon the trees are washed,
In the summertime when it rains.

The earth seems to smile at the sun,
While the clouds go drifting by,
As thunder peals in the heavens above,
And lightning flashes on high.

What a gift from God in the heavens,
Who sends rain in time of need,
To water the earth and freshen it up,
Giving life to all, indeed.

Beautiful precious rain drops.
Upon the window pane,
Such a precious gift from above,
The Rain, The Rain, The Rain.

Beautiful Precious Rain Drops Story - By   Al Albrecht
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