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Springs Greatest Joy

Small ButterflysButterfly on DandilionsSmall Butterflys
The kids are out-of-doors once more;
The heavy leggins that they wore,
The winter caps that covered ears,
Are put away, and no more tears
Are shed because they cannot go,
Until they're bundled up just so.

Joy of Butterflys No more she wonders when they're gone
If they have put their rubbers on;
No longer are they hourly told
To guard themselves against a cold;

Bareheaded now they romp and run
Warmed only by the kindly sun.
She's put their heavy clothes away
And turned the children out to play.

Joy of Butterflys And all the morning long they race
Like madcaps round about the place.
The robins on the fences sing
A happy song of welcoming.

The wrens and sparrows twitter, too,
A louder and a noisier crew,
As though it pleased them all to see
The youngsters out of doors and free.

Outdoors they scamper to their play
With merry sounds the livelong day,
And hungrily they jostle in
The favor of the maid to win.

Joy of ButterflysThen, armed with cookies or with cake,
Their way into the yard they make,
And every feathered playmate comes
To gather up his share of crumbs.

The finest garden that I know
Is one where little children grow,
Where cheeks turn brown and eyes are bright,
And all is laughter and delight.

Joy of ButterflysOh, you may brag of gardens fine,
But let the children race in mine;
And let the roses, white and red,
Make gay the ground whereon they tread.

And who for bloom perfection seeks,
Should mark the color on their cheeks;
No music that the robin spouts
Is equal to their merry shouts;

There is no foliage to compare
With youngsters' sun-kissed, tousled hair:
Spring's greatest joy beyond a doubt
Is when it brings the children out.

Springs Greatest Joy, Author Edgar Guest.
Small Butterflys Spring Time Butterflys in Grass



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