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This Old House by Gerald R Hill

Reflections By Gerald R. Hill

Garnet Montana

The magnificent old house, stately and proud
once welcomed the humble and great.
It now stands alone battered and worn
quietly awaiting its fate.

The Grandfather clock that stood in the hall
announcing the changing of time,
now broken, silent and covered with dust
never again will it chime.

Hraion Lighthouse

For many years sounds could be heard
of excitement, laughter and tears,
of living and growing and sharing of dreams
filtering down through the years.

Now all is quiet, the laughter is gone
the dreams have all faded away,
and this great old house now stands alone
to face one more uncertain day.

This wonderful old house, stately and proud,
gave all that it had to give.
to those who dwelt here, forever will be
the place where memories live.

Lighthouse in Nova Scotia

Reflections by Gerald R. Hill


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