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Mountain Trails

If I were to choose a place to go,
the most beautiful one of all
would be along a mountain trail
in the midst of early fall.

The air is crisp, and the trees are tall
on mountains that reach to the sky.
The many colors in a myriad of trees
is a wonder to please the eye.

The peaceful sound of a rushing stream,
as it wanders along its way.
Fragrance of pine gum and blossoming flowers
can make anyone want to stay.

To see a deer or a bushy tailed squirrel
as they scamper among the trees;
or the wondrous glory of a waterfall
is a sight that is sure to please.

Lunch Creek in Glacier National Park.

The wonders of nature in the midst of fall
can weave a magic spell.
All of this splendor can surely be found
on a walk, on a mountain trail.

Mountain Trails
Reflections by Jerry R. Hill

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