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Live For Today
Story and Poem


How we live today
affects all of our tomorrows.
Remember that turning down
the wrong road is part of the journey,
and finding our way back is
the challenge.

Don't forget what is truly
important, are the simple and basic things in Life,
Honesty, Pure Emotions,
surrounded by the majestic beauty of Nature.

You need to smell the clean air
after the rainfall and appreciate
the good in things.

Each of us must be responsible
to do our part in order to
help preserve a beautiful world

the waterfalls, the oceans, the mountains,
large green farms,
and puffy pink clouds,
the sunrise and sunsets,
rainbows, hummingbirds and

We need to remember, that we
are only here for a short
time, and that everyday
should count for

Be grateful
for the Sunshine, and find
Hope in the rainbows.

Laugh from your soul
and always hold on to your

Someone you know needs to
hear from you .
Send this page and let them
Know how much you care.

Colored Dimonds Row

Nature Story and Poem Lilly

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Live Orange Butterfly

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