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Little Miss Messy

Little Miss Messy Kids Fun Story

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Somebody climbed up on Mom's brand new chair,
And spilled blue ink, just everywhere.
I won't tell who did it, because I'm sure you know,
I have a little sister, just two years old.

Miss Brooke Painting Messy

And somebody came in with the muddiest feet,
They tracked up the floor from A to Z.
They didn't care where they did go,
With those dirty hands muddy little toes.

Destiny with Muddy Feet

And somebody picked violets, put them all in a row,
She put them on the table, just for you, you know,
A broken planter, dirt on the floor,
Busy little fingers, why that's for sure.

Destiny with Flowers

A puddle of water by the kitchen sink,
And a diaper left behind by a little stink,
Busy fingers, with eyes that shine,
Never a dull moment, dear friend of mine.

Destiny teaching Shyanna to paint.

I was having a good laugh, when Mommy came in,
She came from upstairs with an armful of things,
She picked up her doll and gave her a quick kiss,
And laughed at the mess of her little Miss.

Little Miss Messy Poem By Al Albrecht

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