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Integrity in America

Integrity in the US CapitalIntegrity in the World
To find a leader for this hour, would there be any hope?

Perhaps I could view them under my integrity fluoroscope.

Transparent to the bone, every muscle and cartilage seen,

Nothing would escape or be hidden from my screen.

The bone structure must be solid, straight, and strong,

Withstanding the assaults and pressures of the wrong.

The muscle strength resilient and long in endurance,

For staying power in the long haul performance.

The leader must be sensitive to every needful cry,

Being attuned to feel the hurt registered in ear and eye.

Possessing a spirit born of love that expresses itself in deed,

A spirit from guilt and selfishness for service has been freed.

A leader won't swallow just any dished out meal,

They'll have no stomach for lies or deceit, but only in truth will deal.

Digesting responsibility and duty, savoring it's taste,

Knowing what to do with the negative stuff; committing it to waste.

The mind and the heart of the leader works like hand in glove,

Enabling wisdom to act, speaking the truth in love.

Integrity is our leader's strength when they ready for the fight,

Righteousness in word and deed becomes their guiding light.

Integrity in the World
Integrity - written By Alan E. Ericksen ©.

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