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As you grow older in the circle of life,
to soon your children are grown
And each, with a loving companion,
start a new family of their own.

Then comes the day in your life
to take your "time honored" place
as Grandparent with an abiding love
for the baby you long to embrace.

With Mom and Dad, you share the joy
of this miracle so new in the world.
You promise that this precious jewel
will always be part of your world.

And as this little one starts to grow
with a personality all of its own;
your heart is filled with tenderness
and love for this child alone.

Time moves on in the circle of life,
and you see your posterity grow.
The love you have for each new child
is one you want always to show.

First you love them, then you spoil them
even more than ever before.
When Mom and Dad say that is enough,
that's when you want to do more.

The tender moments that you share
when they hug you and say I love you,
brings warmth and joy to your heart
and pride in these children, too.

And when some of these grandchildren
are grown with families of their own.
The added pride as a great-grandparent
grows more than you've ever known.

You recall when your first was born,
the love and joy that was there;
now with grand and great-grand children,
there is more love and joy to share.


These precious gifts, sent from above,
each child, in your heart, you hold dear.
You make a promise, and for all time,
that your love will always be near.

by Gerald R. Hill

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