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My Frog Poem

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Frog went a courtin song
Frog Poems
My Frog Poem


I had a little jumping frog. My Flirting Frog
I trained to come and go.
We enjoyed each other's company.
and I often told her so.
She lived out in my garden,
in a clump of grass you see.
And she ate the bugs and insects.
that often bothered me.

She was busy in the early morn,
a hopping everywhere.
Of helping keep my garden clean,
of pests unwanted there.


Good Morning Sun
When the sun rose high,
she hopped for home,
this frog had done her best,
And stayed till the cool of the eve,
till the sun had gone to rest.

Then when evening came,
she roamed about,
a hopping here and there.
She croaked a funny little tune,
that made me be aware.
My Happy Frog Of the beauty of God's creation,
in a garden that pleases me.
Of fruit and vegetables of every kind,
and this frog for company.


Take time to learn about nature,
and all that God has made.
Enjoy a little bit of heaven on earth,
in the outdoors every day.
My Happy Frog It will keep you happy and healthy,
and chase the blues away you see.
A little bit of outside happiness,
is what every body needs.

My Frog Poems - By   Al Albrecht


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