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Friends National Care Week

It's national care week...
time to send messages to all your friends,
telling them how much you care about them.

Without friends
you would be missing out on a lot.

Friends in Flowers for National Care Week

A friend should be radical;

They should love you when you're unlovable,

Hug you when you're unhuggable,

And bear you when you're unbearable.

A friend should be fanatical;

They should cheer when the whole world boos,

Dance when you get good news,

And cry when you cry.

But most of all, a friend should be mathematical,

They should multiply the joy, Divide the sorrow,

Subtract the past, And add to tomorrow,

Calculate the need deep within your heart,

And always be bigger than the sum of all their parts.


I care about you.
Have a nice day, and
I'm glad we are friends!!!

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This is a tulip of friendship, pass it on 


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Friends National Care Week
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