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Flea Friends - Story and Poem

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A tiny black speck appeared on my arm. A brand new mole, I surmised. But moles don't move, and moles don't hop, I stared in surprise. Small Flea
I paid it no mind, as I sat down to dine, I am now ashamed to relate. But that 'mole' of charm, jumped off my arm, and Small Flea hopped right into my plate.

I am telling you now, no bugs in my food, it makes my stomach, flip-flop. But I'm telling you true, this thing was new, as across the table it hopped.
Flea Friendly Bug
About the same time, and way out of line, I felt a prick on my neck. Then one on my nose, another on my toes. I was covered with little black specks.

I began to itch. My nerves did twitch, as I plucked off the 'moles' from me. I am not a cur, and I don't have fur, but I was simply 'crawling' with flea's.
 Flea Bug
My floor did bounce, with drams of an ounce, of these friendly little fellers. There is not much I fear, but I'm telling  you here, These things turned my back side yeller. Small Flea
I am clean as a pin, so can't figure when, or where I picked up this curse. This was all I assumed as I moved from the  room, but found that every where else was worse. Small Flea

The fleas they danced, and every where pranced, and knew no shame where they lit. They bit me here, and itched me there, as over my body they flit.
Another Flea Bug
I tore off my shirt, and stomped the dirt, and swept my britches down. I twisted and turned, no shame did I burn, as I danced like a crazy clown.
I have suffered much, and burned my touch, and spent hours in agony. But I have never known, the indignity shown, from the itch of a 'gole-dern' flea.
Flea Friend Bug
 "Little flea, I say, when you come to 'play' I wouldn't mind if you came alone. But the next time, my friend, when you come again, leave all of your relatives home."  Small Flea

Flea Friends Story and Poem Author   Wynell Tate Davis

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