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Divine Desert Pictures Title


Divine Desert Pictures
at Quartzsite Arizona

Desert Picture at Quartzsite Arizona

Thank God for divine friends who really care
And show you that they do.
By acts of kindness, letters, calls,
You know their love is true.
These kinds of friends will stand by you
When trouble comes your way.
Tho storm clouds gather, friends of worth
Will never turn away.

Divine Desert Picture 2

Thank God for kind divine words they speak-
Choice words that heal and bless,
And for the way they comfort you
In loving tenderness.
Thank God for friends who really care
And take the time to pray
To ask that God will meet your needs
And grant you divine strength each day.

Divine Desert Picture 3

It truly is a divine miracle
What caring friends can do-
God's hand extended, reaching out
To help both me and you.
I know you're thankful for your friends
Just as I am for mine-
These precious friends whose loving touch
Reflects God's love divine.

Divine Desert Picture 4

Read Divine Intervention, a collection of personal encounters of ordinary people with the almighty God.

Divine Desert Cactus Picture


Divine desert pictures poem at Quartzsite Arizona,   
by    Beverly Anderson.   

Desert photos taken by Steven and Becca.   



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