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The Common Man by Gerald R. Hill

There is much to be said for the common man

who toils at his job every day.

He tries to perform at his very best,

for not always the best of pay.

The rewards for his efforts are not always clear,

and his future is not always sure.

But still he goes on from day to day,

his efforts are honest and pure.

He has many dreams stored up in his heart,

which he longs for his family to know;

dreams of a future that they all can share,

and places where they’d like to go.

More often than not it will never take place,

just getting by every day is a task.

And having the daily necessities of life,

what more could the common man ask.

But still he goes on, doing the best that he can

with a prayer for his family’s well being;

that happiness and health will always be sure,

and real love forever will ring.

His faith is so real, like that of a child;

He thrives to do all that he can.

Much can be said for the sincere heart

that you’ll find in the common man.

The Common Man, from Reflections by Gerald R. Hill.

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