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Cars of Today by Ken Ellison

What's happened to cars of today?
Why do they make them that way?
Loaded up from stem to stern
With gadgets no one can learn.

There are computers that cost a lot
To tell us if we are lost or not,
Television to entertain as we go
And a voice to warn when gas is low.

There are games and movies on CD
Displayed on a screen for all to see
And six-way power seats that recline
With a heater to warm our behinds.

There are telephones if we wish to chat
And a computer will tell us where we're at.
There is climate control front and rear
And earphones so the kids can hear.

Knobs and buttons clutter up the dash
And there are airbags in case we crash.
Five gears forward and one for reverse
And complicated gizmos make us curse.

There are scads of cars from which to pick
And the cost of buying can make us sick,
They keep adding things we don't need
Driving the price up to satisfy greed.

Why can't they make cars like yesteryear
That will simply get you from there to here,
Without the equipment we don't want or need
And a price tag that doesn't make us bleed.

Cars from yesteryear

Cars of Today Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-08-04