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The Bumpy Road by Jerry R Hill

There is a saying, goes something like this,
"When you want it, you want it now".
and many there are who simply expect
things to happen, like magic, somehow.

With little or no effort to do their part
to actually have it be so.
They haven't the desire to plant the seed,
or nurture it to help it grow.

Hollyhocks and Sunflowers in the Garden

They think the world owes them a living,
(and even a bonus now and then);
and a free ride through life on a magic carpet,
like a vacation without any end.

Contrary to belief that the road to success
is paved with layers of gold.
In truth they will find challenges and chuckholes
everywhere on a bumpy road.

With every challenge encountered in life
you will find this "time proven advice":
whatever success you might want from life,
life's successes come with a price.

Not everyone gets the "silver spoon"
in fact, their numbers are few.
With every honest successful person:
that person has paid a just due.

And when the rewards have all been earned,
and the goals have all been won:
the time to enjoy the fruits of your labors
will shine bright as the noonday sun.


by Jerry R Hill