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Shifting snowdrifts piled high
Beneath winters pale gray sky
Holds me prisoner between these walls
As dreaded winter comes to call.

Shackled to my rocking chair
Naught to do but sit and stare,
Chained to my bed on long nights
I try to stay warm by firelight.

Allowed no exercise during the day
And no time set-aside for play,
Meals are measly nothing more,
Because I can't get to the store.

I'm permitted no visitors to my prison
Since this last storm has arisen
And mail is being held downtown
Till they can get snowplows around.

I'm never allowed to go outside
There is deep snow far and wide
Blocking all the roads and paths
While I suffer winters wrath.

I'm held a prisoner in my own house
Just me and a poor pantry mouse.
We'll be held here for days I suppose
Or till this hated blizzard up and goes.

House Arrest Snowy Winter Scene

I wasn't ready for winter this year
Nor it's icy freezing temperatures
Now I'm bound in this tiny little jail
Until winters ship finally sets sail.


©House Arrest Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison


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